EcoSD (Eco-conception de systèmes durables, standing for Eco-design of Sustainable Systems) Network is a French association with the objective of encouraging collaboration between academic and industrial researchers in order to create and spread advanced knowledge in eco-design fields. This initiative aims at helping a global sustainable development process at national and international scales.
S-mart S-mart
S.mart répond aux enjeux de formation et de recherche sur des domaines comme la transformation numérique et sociétale des entreprises ou encore la maîtrise de nouveaux procédés de fabrication et la robotisation des systèmes manufacturiers. Nos industries doivent aujourd’hui s’appuyer sur un réseau de ressources pédagogiques ouvert et disponible tant pour la formation initiale que la formation tout au long de la vie, permettant de proposer des parcours adaptés aux besoins industriels identifiés et répondant aux attentes spécifiques des apprenants.
The Design Society The Design Society
We are an association of individuals across the world who deeply care about design: How we create new artefacts and systems, how we think about this creation process, and what is the impact of human-created artefacts on the world we live in and on ourselves. We express our caring for design through our efforts in research, education, practice, and outreach.
Université Paris-Saclay Université Paris-Saclay
19 institutions (three universities, seven research centers, nine major engineering and business schools) decided to join forces within the Paris-Saclay Campus Foundation to create Université Paris-Saclay. To face the challenges of global competition in terms of education, research, and innovation, these institutions decided to work together on a common project in 2014, pooling courses and research of the highest national and international standards, in order to create Université Paris-Saclay.
CentraleSupélec CentraleSupélec
CentraleSupélec is a public institution under ministerial charter, devoted to the sciences and engineering. This charter is shared between the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Technologies. CentraleSupélec was officially established on January 1st, 2015, bringing together two leading engineering schools in France; Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec. The co-operation between our two grandes écoles, as they are known in the French system, had progressively been gaining momentum since 2009, with sustained alliance in three core areas: engineering education, executive education and research.
ISAE-Supméca ISAE-Supméca
Since 1956, ISAE-Supméca has been providing engineering training that combines solid scientific knowledge with genuine industrial experience. This training leads to a National Degree in Engineering that is recognised by the French engineering accreditation institution: the Commission du Titre d’Ingénieur (CTI). Holders of this degree are accredited to have both a Master’s degree and the professional title of Graduate Engineer.
AgroParisTech AgroParisTech
AgroParisTech is a higher education and research institute (“Grande Ecole”) aiming at addressing some of the main global challenges of the 21st century : feeding a growing population while sustainably managing territories, preserving natural resources, supporting innovation and integrating the bioeconomy.
Laboratoire Génie Industriel Laboratoire Génie Industriel
The Industrial Engineering Research Department is one of the 16 Research Units of CentraleSupélec (EA 2606), a member of the University Paris-Saclay. Its scope is that of Modeling and Analysis (Simulation, Optimization) of Industrial Systems on Technical and Organizational Aspects.
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